Ryan Somerfield has been working full time as a specialist Cinematographer and Camera operator since 2006. He is passionate about getting the best shot using the best tool to get it.Ryan’s Specialties are Steadicam owner operator, Aerial Photography owner operator, Jib, Phantom, Director of Photography, Camera operator, Editor and Director.He absolutely loves his job and is always up for a challenge to achieve the best shot possible.

He has acquired a lot of gear to shoot with along the way.

He has worked on many Feature films, Commercials, Short films, Music videos, Live events and Promotional Videos, working in a variety of roles over the years so he has an understanding of every department to make sure he can do the best job to help each department. He is a fun casual guy on set, but hard working and is looking forward to working on your next project!

Feel free to contact him anytime via phone or email in the contact page of this site